Fall Product/Cookies

Available October 1-23, 2015!


Earn funds for your upcoming year and build leadership skills selling candy, nuts and magazine subscriptions - participate in the River Valleys Snacks + Magazines Program. 


Snacks & Magazines Program Coordinator

Sunday Carstens gstroop55454@gmail.com 612-709-4313 


Helpful Links:

· www.girlscoutsrv.org/cookies/snacks-magazines/

· Nut-E login www.ashdonfarmsnute.com/Home.aspx

Fall Product:

Snacks + Magazines

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Cookie Program


The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-lead business in the country! Through participating in the cookie program, girls develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.



Cookie Go day is February 6!

· January 7 - Cookie Booth sign-up begins

· January 12—Initial cookie order due

· February 6—Cookie Go Day

· February 11—Booth Go Day

· March 11—First ACH debit

· March 20—Sale ends

· March 29—Cookire rewards due

· April 1—Collection problem reports due

· April 15—Second ACH debit



Cookie Program Coordinators:

Cheryl Schmitt cheryl.schmitt@ryancompanies.com 612-360-3381

Alice Whitten alice.whitten@gmail.com 817-312-6316

Kevin Fischer (primarily Incentives) keven@alumni.duke.edu


· River Valleys Cookie Page

· Troop Cookie Program Overview Training

· Snap